MALIBU SWIMMING POOLS brings a new standard of excellence in pool repair and service to the swimming pool industry! Our contractors are specially recognized for their skillful accommodations of all your private and commercial pool needs.

   Malibu Swimming Pools has over 20 years of commercial and private Pool conservation experience. We have taken out expertise to lay a foundation for a company that prides itself on personalized, noteworthy service for all of its clientele. Malibu Swimming Pools offers a variety of services ranging from pool renovations, and repairs, to heating systems, and recreational equipment.

   Due to popular demand, Malibu Swimming Pools has expanded its scope of service to include the entire Metropolitan areas of (NY, NJ and CT). If you are looking for a company to turn your pool into a relaxing oasis, or simply looking to install a fun new water slide, you have come to just the right neighborhood company! Call today for inquiries!

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